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Registration for examinations in TUCaN in the summer semester 2018

The general registration period for examinations in the summer semester 2018 starts on 1st June, 2018.

In many departments, the registration period will expire on 30th June, 2018. Moreover, the departments are allowed to define individual deadlines (§14 APB). Please get informed in time!

Please see the deadlines for registration and cancellation within the details of the examinations of TUCaN. You can register in the TUCaN Webportal within the section Examinations / My Examinations / Exams offered for registration.

The attendance of an examination without valid registration via TUCaN or the Office for Students Affairs is impossible! A registration is also necessary for course-related deliverables (e.g. papers, homework, essays, presentations). Otherwise the grades can not be recorded.

The legal information concerning examinations is stated within the Allgemeine Prüfungsbestimmungen (APB).

Help & FAQ for the registration in TUCaN


Latest information, FAQ and tutorials can be found on our information sites for:


first-year students

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